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Also known as energy healing, reiki originated in Japan and is a form of alternative therapy. Reiki involves transferring and changing energy between the practitioner and the patient. Believers in reiki say that if you have free-flowing energy in your body, you will feel good both physically and mentally. If you have energy blockages, however, this can lead to health problems and an unhappy life.

Reiki is a way to treat physical and psychological illnesses. Even if the session does not end up heal any specific ailments, participants will still go home feeling more relaxed, less stressed, and happier.


What Does A Reiki Session Involve?

During a reiki session, the practitioner gently holds her hands on or over different parts of the patient’s body. She will hold her hands in various positions and keep them on each area of the body for a few minutes until she senses that energy has stopped flowing there. Sessions typically last between 15 and 90 minutes. Patients may need just one session to feel better while others require multiple sessions to experience significant results.

A reiki session is very versatile. It can take place anywhere that has a calm, quiet atmosphere. Patients can sit in a chair or lie down on a table. Soothing music can be played if it will put the patient into a more serene state. The reiki practitioner may also recite positive mantras in order to reduce stress and clear out mental and emotional turmoil in the patient.

Different people have different experiences during their session. Some say their practitioner’s hands feel very hot or cold while others feel waves of pulsating energy flow through their bodies.


What Does Reiki Do?

Reiki practitioners clear out blockages in the body to promote a free energy flow. These blockages can come from negative emotions or physical ailments. Reiki treatment can also help temper damaging mindsets and emotions like jealousy and anger that block your positive energy.

This practice also promotes relaxation which can boost the body’s natural healing process. Participating in reiki sessions can help you feel restored in both your body and your mind. From chronic pain to depression, headaches to anxiety, reiki can help treat a wide array of conditions.