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Gretchen reuter

essential potions for holistic healing

About gretchen

Gretchen Reuter is the Director of Operations at Leys, Christie & Co., a specialty pearl business that her family has owned for a few generations. The business – originally founded in 1896 – was purchased by her grandfather from the original owner’s grandson, and has been in the family ever since. Gretchen’s family is continuing the tradition of satisfying independent retailers and their customers with their “Orienta” brand fine cultured pearls. The goal is to create beautiful necklaces that can be enjoyed by multiple generations.

Gretchen is interested in the pearl business because of the natural beauty it presents. She is fascinated by and in tune with nature, and one of her favorite parts about pearls is their ability to serve as a conduit for the personality of the person donning the necklace. Pearls often take well to people’s soft skin, and a symbiotic relationship can actually develop when over time. But her love of natural beauty doesn’t end with specialty pearls, as she studied Art History in college.

Gretchen Reuter attended Hartwick College, a private liberal arts college that focuses on shaping critical thinkers, located in Oneonta, New York. During her undergraduate experience, Gretchen wrote her senior thesis on the French carnal-artist, Saint ORLAN. She also grew more in love with natural beauty and still life during her time in school, a passion that prompted her to pursue further schooling at Rittner’s School of Floral Design. Gretchen credits the beauty of still life art as the driving reason behind her desire to pursue floral design.

Put simply, she wanted to know how to assemble the floral design in the breathtaking manner depicted in great still life by artists such as Caravaggio, Tom Wesselmann, and of course, Vincent van Gough. For Gretchen Reuter, learning about the art itself was an extremely edifying experience, but she wanted to go one step deeper into the design of what the artist was capturing in their rendition.

Gretchen’s love for beauty constantly draws her to the outdoors, and it was only a matter of time before she explored more holistic approaches to everyday health. Gretchen is the President of Essential Potion, a budding small business she plans to explore even more in the future.

Gretchen first began using essential oils as a way to remedy common maladies for herself, her family, and her friends. She is extremely interested in the holistic healing of natural properties and a proponent of natural healing remedies.

In addition to her work in natural beauty, Gretchen Reuter is also an avid Platform Tennis player, and she recently won the 2017 Scarsdale championship. She’s had lessons with nationally ranked players, the likes of which included Amy Shay. She was also an avid athlete growing up, with experience in tennis, soccer, swimming, and diving.

Be sure to check back as Gretchen Reuter writes about essential oils, holistic healing, and how natural beauty can help enhance the human experience.


Gretchen Reuter graduated with a B.A. in Art History from Hartwick College. During her time there, she dover deeper into her love for natural beauty and art. Afterwards, she was inspired to attend Rittner’s School of Floral Design, in the pursuit to gain a better understanding of the beauty that lies behind great still life.

Gretchen’s academic pursuits mirror her love for the beauty of the world, and they also served as a conduit to expand her mind, think of things from a new perspective, and learn to not always take oneself too seriously.

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